Sunday, March 10, 2013


Her eyes pierce my very soul.
Somewhere she seems to read my heart,
her garments of emerald green and iridescent gold
Reflect the beauty of God's own creation,
The beloved.


Ophelia in the setting sun,
She floats on iridescent glass,
Contemplating eternity.
The heart of one so pure, used so ill.
One might think she is just sleeping,
Dreaming of a father so beloved,
Dreaming of her prince come to rescue her.
But no,
As her life ebbs away,
The icy waters take her now.
Lips once rosy tinted hue
Are now grey
Frost bitten


The simplicity of joy,
Caught in childish fun.
Adrenaline rush of harmonious play.
Laughter punctuates the spring air.
The essence of humanity in one act of care free abandon.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The nature of the heart

The heart is a resilient thing.
It bends and weaves through life,
Taking each up and down in its stride.

There are times it feels like rice paper,
Delicate and fragile,
But give it time and it will fix.

Be careful though not to harden
Make sure you focus on feathers and down to protect it
Not bricks and mortar.

People walk into our lives and leave marks,
For better or worse they shape and mould us.

We should let them reside in the soft down blanket of our hearts
And if they abuse this hospitality,
Wish them well,
Send them on their journey
And love them.

Friday, May 25, 2012

been all quiet ont he writing front recently, so much work so little time to indulge! I am working on some short stories though that should be ready in the next few weeks, and some reflections on aspects of life too that have me musing at the moment.
in the mean time i leave you with this link to the sublime poetry of Keats being read by Benedict Cumberbatch, yum! enough to get the creative juices flowing and the passionate writer within stirr!

and remember folks Procrastination may be the thief of time but it is the bedrock of any civilised society!

happy scribblings

Monday, March 5, 2012

Advent for hope (working title)

There is a voice in the wilderness
A voice in the streets
A voice in the madness
A voice where we meet

Come see, come hear
Come listen to me
Taste the excitement
Come witness the three

Peace is in reach
Truth is up close
Our hope is approaching
With our Lord God of hosts

The voice in the wilderness
The cry in the streets
Is in danger of drowning
In the noise and the heat

A solitary voice
A singular song
Carries the joy
And the light through the throng

Come kneel in the crowd
Come wait in the town
Come pause for the child
Our Saviour to crown

Monday, February 27, 2012


Sitting and watching
Standing and staring
Waiting not aching
Dreaming not caring.

Husbands, wives
Girlfriends, boyfriends
Lone friends and old friends
Walk on by.

Families full of laughter,
Couples happy ever after
Stroll on high.

Observer of days,
Watcher of ways
Upon life I ponder, wonder and gaze.

History meets modernity,
At its heart life’s full of absurdity
But that is its beauty
For oft its humanity
That wins out of chaos
And makes sense of such pathos.